Supply Chain Consultancy

Optimize the value of your Supply Chain

Aber Logistics has proven methods for reducing the costs of your supply chain operations. Our goal is to create net value by building a competitive logistic infrastructure which synchronizes supply with demand and measure supply chain performance according to your needs.

Experienced Supply Chain Consultants

Rely on our team of experienced supply chain consultants to solve your supply chain challenges and significantly improve performance, while positively impacting profitability and customer satisfaction. Our experts combine industry knowledge with the power of practical experience to answer your supply chain questions. What is the current performance of your supply chain? Are your procurement plans as sound in reality as they are on paper? The answers can assist you to develop a customized supply chain solution that maximizes results.

Our Approach

Every organization strives to deliver their services or products faster, better and more reliably than the competition. Which processes in your organization are crucial? How can you become more cost efficient and improve lead times? Aber Logistics can help you by providing a Quick Scan. This systematic approach to your processes will provide insights on many different aspects. Thereafter we can mutually agree on the next steps.

Our Supply Chain Consultancy services

We focus on improving profit margins for our clients, either by reducing costs or by facilitating revenue growth. Our independence from suppliers ensures we are impartial and allows us to look at the full range of potential logistic and supply chain solutions.

Our Supply Chain Consultancy services include:

  • Supply Chain Quick Scan - Systematic approach on your supply chain processes to provide insight into areas for improvement
  • Financial and Operations Benchmark - Independent and neutral Benchmark of logistic operation performance and cost to identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Procurement and contract management - Execute procurement events to secure the optimal logistic services needed for your network
  • Inventory optimization - Conduct inventory optimization analysis to improve product flow, cash flow and reduce cycle time
  • Sustainable Logistics - Reduce carbon footprint by identifying more environmentally sustainable operations
  • Supply Chain Program - Identify business process gaps and opportunities for improvement
  • Warehousing - Evaluate your warehouse layout, productivity and efficiency
  • Project management, change management and interim management

Connecting your flows

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