Aber Logistics

Connecting your flows

Aber Logistics is an independent Supply Chain Service provider with short communication lines, no excessive overhead costs and a fast service. We focus on constantly adding value to our customers.

Waarom Aber?

In alles wat we doen gaan we voor de glimlach van onze partners en mensen!

Dit doen we door samen volledig te ontzorgen en net dát stapje extra te zetten, waardoor je een betere versie krijgt van wat al was. Alles wat we vandaag doen heeft impact op morgen, dat beseffen we maar al te goed. Daarom houden we maximaal rekening met de mens, omgeving en het klimaat.

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Added Value for you

Based on a quick scan of your business and operations, we can jointly define your business challenges and determine which ones we address first. Our tailored services and solutions will ensure your supply chain flows stay on the move.

Added value:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve operating cost structure
  • Reduce overall logistic costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels

Aber Logistics | Waar wij voor staan:

  • Sterk analytisch werk en denk vermogen
  • Open minded & creatief
  • Ruime werkervaring binnen diverse branches
  • Hands-on mentaliteit
  • Duidelijke communicatie
  • Het vertalen van klantbehoeften naar passende logistieke oplossingen
    Doel: waarde toevoegen aan de klant
  • Het op en uitbouwen van ons netwerk met de juiste partners .
    Doel: Samenwerken met onze partners om onze klanten volledig te kunnen ontzorgen

Our people

At Aber Logistics we work exclusively with professionals from the logistics industry. This means that you will always work with qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic people. This is based on one of the fundamental beliefs of Aber Logistics: Success begins with PEOPLE.

Aber Logistics is extremely ambitious and has set itself the goal of guaranteeing a healthy financial basis in the long term and being a good employer. Collaboration and willingness to change are just some of our key values. To achieve our ambitions it is of vital importance that we have the right people in the right place. In the end they make the difference!

Connect | With a Consultant

Aber Logistics services are provided under a flexible commercial model where we act as an independent strategic supply chain service provider and extension of our customer’s supply chain organization. Connect with a consultant to gain more information on our services and how you can benefit from our expertise.

Aber Logistics | Meaning of:

  • Aber- : A remnant of the ancient Brythonic language, the prefix “Aber-” means “the confluence (meeting) of”, usually referring to the river that drains the area. For example, Aberdeen is named for the point that the River Don and River Dee meet and join the ocean. Roughly, Aber + Dee + Don = Aberdeen.

Connecting your flows

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